Situated 97 miles (180 km) from Vung Tau and 124 miles (230 km) from Hồ Chí Minh City, Con Dao Islands are an archipelago consisting of 16 mountainous islands and islets. The total land area reaches 76 km² and the local population is about 5,000. The largest island is named Con Lon or Con Dao, which is the center of all the economic, cultural, political and social activities of the whole archipelago.

Thanks to its advantageous marine routes, Con Dao was known very early by western navigators and explorers, especially from the 15th -16th century when French and British forces  started to colonise Indochina including the Con Dao archipelago of Vietnam.

In 1787, through the Treaty of Versailles Nguyễn Ánh (the future Emperor Gia Long) promised to cede Con Dao to the French. In exchange Louis XVI promised to help Nguyễn Ánh to regain the throne by supplying 1,650 troops and four frigates. The Treaty of Versailles was seen as the first document through which the Nguyen Dynasty agreed to sell (cede) the sovereignty of Da Nang seaport and Con Dao Islands to French

In 1862, the French colonial government established a prison on Con Dao island to house political prisoners. In 1954, the prison was turned over to the South Vietnamese government, who continued to use it for the same purpose until 1975 when South Vietnam was completely liberated.

Today, Con Dao becomes one of the 8 districts of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province and a great tourist attraction for both local and foreign visitors who are either interested in its historical relics such as Con Dao prison, Tiger Cages, Cow Cages, Hang Duong Martyrs’ cemetery or its natural beauty of primitive forests, pure sandy beaches, intensive coral reefs and rare species such as dugong (sea cow), dolphins, sea turtles, squirrels, reindeers, deers, wild fowls etc.

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