Lying seven kilometers northeast of Ba Ria Town, Long Phuoc commune is not only known for its fruitful soil but also for its historical relics, of which the Long Phuoc Tunnel is the most typical one.

The name Long Phuoc originated from the merger of Long Lap and Phuoc Huu village in 1930. Because of its economic political and strategic role, Long Phuoc always acted as a fierce front line between the Vietnamese Revolutionary forces and the French and later the American. During the 2 unbalanced wars, the Vietnamese had developed a marvelous underground tunnel, without which, they could not have survived the wars.

The start of the tunnel digging took place in 1948 when Long Phuoc Communist Leaders encouraged their local people to dig underground hideouts, which were then developed into a tunnel system with a total length of nearly 1 km linking the 5 hamlets of Long Phuoc commune. Inside the tunnel, there were storages for food, medicines, weapons, fortifications and even bamboo traps. The original size of the tunnel was rather small and narrow about 1.5 meters in height and 0.7 meter in width. In April 1963 shorty after the Americans carried out one of the fiercest raids on the tunnel, the tunnel was dug 6 meters deeper compared to the original depth of only 2 meters with the size expanded to 1.8 meters in height and 0.8 meter in width.

With it great contribution to the cause of fighting and defending the country against the French and the Amiricans, on January 1, 1990, the tunnel was regconized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a historical heritage. Besides, a spacious temple was recently built by the entrance of the tunnel in remembrance of the Vietnamese war heroes who sacrificed their lives in the 2 resistance wars.

Today, the tunnel has become a well-known address which attracts hundreds of visitors everyday, among whom there are many veterans of both sides. For the Vietnamese veterans, they come to recall their very difficult but also glorious past time, and for the American and Australian veterans, they come to get to know more about the land, the local people and especially the tunnel system that at one time was a mystery to them.

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