Lying on the right of the Thang Tam’s Holy Temple, the Whale Tomb was built at the same time as the Temple of the Five Eliments at the end of the 19th century. The Tomb presently displays a huge skeleton of a whale collected by the local fishermen over a hundred years ago .

In the story about the whale, it was rumoured that in the mid 19th century, there was a very big head of a whale drifting onto the Tam Duong Beach. The whale head was so big that local villagers had to fence it with bamboo sticks and waited several days for the whale flesh to become rotten enough to leave the bones. Then they carried the bones to the temple and people have worshipped until today. Over recent years, more whale bones have been collected and preserved at the temple

According to local fishermen, the first person to see a dead whale is considered as the firstborn of that whale. He or she has to hold a funeral and wear a morning head-band during the whale service as if they were the offspring of the whale.

The “South China Sea General” festival - This title was conferred on the whale by King Thieu Tri, is held annually on the same days the whale was spotted from 16th to 18th of the Lunar August. The ritual includes making offeing to the whale; welcoming the whale accompanied by a parade of colorfully decorated boats at nights. In addition, the worship and offering to the village Guardian and Gods is also seen as a part of the whale festival. These festival days attract a great number of local people and tourists who come not only to  pray for health, luck  and happiness but to enjoy many fascinating religious and cultural activites taking place in and outside the temple.

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