Ba Isle is an islet lying near Nghinh Phong Cape and between the busy Thuy Van Beach and the quiet Dua Beach. From the top of small Mountain where the Statue of Jesus stands, Ba Isle floats on the blue water offering an eye-catching view and making the Nghinh Phong Cape more charming.

On this tiny island, there is a very old temple built in 1881 by a man called Ho Quang Minh, who originally came from the middle part of Vietnam. Inside the 4 meter high temple, various Gods are worshipped. There is also a basement underneath the temple which used to be a secret meeting hall for Vietnamese patiotic cadres during war time.

At low tide, tourists can walk on the uneven rocks to access the island. On full moon days ( the fifteen day of the lunar month) and the first day of the lunar month, many tourists and locals go to the island for sightseeing and praying purposes.

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