Lying 6 km from Long Hai town, Minh Dam mountain streches some 10 km along Long Hai sea. Previously, Minh Dam mountain had another name called Chau Long-Chau Vien and was a revolutionary base of Provincial Party Committee of Ba Ria-Long Khanh (former name of Ba Ria-Vung Tau) during the 2 resistance wars against the French and Americans.

In 1948, Chau Long-Chau Vien was renamed after Minh Dam, which was the joint name of Mr. Bui Cong Minh and Mac Thanh Dam, secretary general and deputy secretary of  District Party Committee of Long Dien, who gave their lives in the Minh Dam revolutionary base.

In 1993 by a decision of the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Minh Dam base officially became a revolutionary historical heritage.

Today, Minh Dam Mountain and its revolutionary base is not only a place for Vietnamese youth and students to come and study about the glorious history of the Vietnamse people during the wars but it is also known as a potential tourist attraction for their extraordinarily beautiful landscapes. To get to the mountain top, tourists can choose whether by car on a nice winding tree-lined road or on foot through the jungle seeing birds and listening to the relaxing sounds of a nearby stream.

The 30 minute journey will be soon compensated upon arriving at the top by the fresh air and especially the amazing scenery of the sea in harmony with the mountains and regional setting.

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