Located 150 km from Ho chi Minh city and 70 km from Vung Tau city, the Binh Chau Hot Springs of Binh Chau commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province lies right in the middle of the Binh Chau Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve with over 70 visible hot springs at temperate from 40oC đến 80 oC. The underground hot water covers an area of about 1 km2  in which there are many diferrent lakes of hot water streaming out endlessly till today

According to the world scientists, hot mineral water, mud and pure air of forest and sea are very important elements for antibodies and health recovery.

the Binh Chau Hot Springs were actually discovered in 1928 by a French doctor named Sallet in his medical research of South-Eastern Vietnam, later he published his discovery in the “Indochina Research news” under an article called “Cu Mi”. However, these precious hot springs remained untouch until the early years of the 21st century when the Saigon Binh Chau Resort was completed and put into operation.

The Hot springs have become increasingly popular with both Vietnamese people and foreigners, particularly after the World Tourism Organization voted the Binh Chau Hot-Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve as one of the 67 sustainable ecotourism developments among 47 countries worldwide.

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